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True to Life model replicas

Gift Shop items

Something for everyone

Baby Alligator

T-shirts in adult and kids sizes - available exclusively in our gift shop

Here you will discover a wide variety of gifts with something for everyone. Where else can you find real snake fangs and skins? Browse the store's collection and we are sure you will find something to please you, family members, even your friends.

Gift Shop items

Actual Skin sheds and Fangs!

Gift Shop items

Cast Replicas from actual animals


Gift Shop items

Or something a little more cuddly?

Casting from Real snakes

Own real snake skins shed from our living collection

Snapping Turtle Skull Display only

Skulls, skeleton, fangs, teeth, etc. on Display!

Gift Shop items

Keep looking!

School and other group field trips are always welcome. We suggest calling ahead to get helpful information.

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All images on this web site are available for sale as high resolution images. Please call for prices and licensing information.

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